Our Story


The AT9 Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Alex Tuch and his family, with its primary purpose being to assist children currently facing challenges in all areas of their lives. A special focus is to support  research to end children's cancer and to help those with special needs. We are dedicated to making a difference through fundraising efforts and community outreach; We strive to make positive changes in the lives of children.

Alex Tuch, NHL player, is the eldest son of Carl and Sharon and brother of twins Luke and Leah. Alex and the Tuch family have been fundraising for various causes long before his NHL career started. He has always remembered those that have helped him along the way, and this Foundation is part of his way of ‘paying back'.  He gives credit to his family, friends, neighbors, community, coaches and the ‘village’ that has been with him on his journey to the NHL.

His passion is for the youth and the hope that cancer will no longer be claiming young lives.  He has participated in many charitable events, and has donated money, raised money and also increased awareness for numerous great causes.

Many have asked how they can help.  You can join Alex (with his family) in supporting the AT9 Foundation.  We remain dedicated to helping the needs of children and their families, throughout our nation. 

This is our way to say ‘thank you’ to the people that have supported us.


Together we can do so much more.